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Nov 5 / Sandy

Gym Update

Two weeks ago I posted To Join a Gym or Not to Join a Gym. Brian wanted to join the local gym in town, and I explored the possibility of trying to squeeze the membership into our monthly budget. It has been two LONG weeks and here is our update.

How many times do you think Brian took advantage of his free 2 – week gym trial membership? Twice. Once a week. Now I can’t justify paying $10 for a 45 minute gym session. So I’m not sure what we’re going to decide to do.

If it were still summer time I would encourage Brian to ride his bike more outside. However, it is getting cooler and that is not going to be an option for much longer. But he already has a fairly expensive bicycle sitting in the garage gathering dust.

Another option would be to start looking on craigslist and freecycle for gym equipment we could get for cheap like Frugal Babe did in her post Our Own Gym for $300. Unlike Frugal Babe, we have a very limited amount of space that we’re dealing with and do not have the room to house our own home gym (no matter how small really).

With the weather turning colder we could find some work out videos. We have a pull-up bar and also some strength bands. However our living room has barely enough room to fit the tv and couch in it, so neither of us would really be able to stretch out to exercise, or even do the moves fully because the space is so cramped.

We have yet to sit down and actually discuss our options but the one I like the best is using my in-laws equipment for the following reasons:

1. It would give me about 45 minutes of peace and quiet to work on homework, or just breathe.
2. All the kids would get some good socializing in.
3. Brian would be able to work out.
4. I’m not sure how this benefits my in-laws at all?



Since I’ve been pondering this whole ‘gym’ thing the last few weeks here are a few of the blogs I’ve found interesting…

Our Own Gym for $300 by Frugal Babe

Shunning the Scale by Girl with the Red Balloon

Review: EA Sports Active Personal Trainer for Wii by Out of Debt Again

Having a Dog Can Save you Money by The Ultimate Money Blog

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  1. Alisha / Nov 7 2010

    Assuming Brian takes the kids with him while he goes to work out the in-laws would have quality time with the kids. Pending on which in-laws you go to there would be “cousin fun time.” So it seems like that is a good option mom gets study time, kids get cousin time, and dad gets to work out.

  2. Mrs. Money / Nov 8 2010

    Thanks so much for the link love! I love my Wii with Wii Fit!

    • admin / Nov 9 2010

      Thank you for stopping by, Mrs. Money! I love your blog!
      I have never been into working out with DVD’s but I would definitely consider the Wii Fit. I’ve heard some great things about it… Now to find a bigger space to actually work out in!

  3. alisha / Nov 9 2010

    Granted my pregnant self was thing about wantin to consider “working out” the aches in my lower-back and legs what would you recommend? I mean since you have 2 kids already, I assume you would have some type of tips.

    • admin / Nov 9 2010

      I would recommend a chiropractor! And lots of back rubs.

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