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Aug 7 / Sandy

Last FULL week before school starts

Monday starts the last FULL week before school starts for the kids. We have had a very weird summer. We haven’t camped out much, and we also haven’t seen Hubby’s family nearly as much as we normally do. Both of these mean we haven’t had many overnights with the cousins.

My SIL K actually accepted the challenge from Hubby last weekend to take our kids for the entire week. In return, we are going to give her the cash we normally spend on preschool. We drop them off today, and pick them up Friday night.

It is a big, crazy experiment that I foresee falling apart midweek when the kids decide they can’t stand each other anymore. Hopefully, all 5 kids won’t drive SIL K too crazy, and that she can help the kids make some awesome summer memories together too.

As for Hubby and I? We have a concert to go to on Tuesday night with some friends, school enrollment on Thursday and hopefully lots of gym time in between. Hubby is also on-call so I really wouldn’t mind him working a lot since the kids are away, and he wants to go on a mini-vacation at the end of the month that we could always use the extra money for!

Everyone say a prayer for SIL K that all the kids behave and have a great time together!!

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