7 Things You Need to Know When Working With Movers in Orlando, FL

Even with extensive community and online listings, it is still challenging to look for reliable movers. A reputable moving company should be able to connect you to experienced and highly skilled movers in Orlando who will be on time for your scheduled packing appointment and on moving day.

The best professional Orlando movers will also provide you with information on the fees you need to prepare upfront so you can come up with a realistic budget and will have features in their website where you can conveniently proceed to payment. If you are lucky to find these movers at reasonable price rates, keep in mind that for a stress-free move, you also have a part to play. A quality moving company often comes at a premium price tag so if you manage to book one with an affordable moving crew and low-priced moving cost, do your best to make things easier for them on the big day.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can make the preparation and moving day easier.

Do not get in the way of professional movers.

Hire a babysitter or pet sitter to keep kids and pets away once the movers arrive. If your kids are old enough, save money by asking them to take the pets to a nearby park. If you have an empty room in your house, give them board games and ask them to stay inside the room while movers are moving furniture, appliances and boxes inside the house.

Consider this part of moving day etiquette. It will not only be a nice gesture but will also make moving day easier.

Like you, professional movers want to get the job done quickly and efficiently. After all, time is money. Most movers will need space to simplify packing.

If you are confident that you can leave them alone in your house, provide easy access to packing supplies and materials. Give them your phone number and stay nearby so they can contact you in case they have questions.

If you booked for packing services, identify and set aside fragile items.

Have a dedicated place in your home for your specialty items. This will help movers finish packing in no time since they can move with ease without worrying about damaging your most precious things.

Label boxes accordingly so your movers will know where to place them in the truck. Breakables should be on top of boxes containing more sturdy, heavy furniture.

Politely ask them to thoroughly wash their hands using hand soap before handling delicate pieces which might easily stain such as white linen clothes and white tablecloth.

You can hire a moving company to deep clean the space.

Of course, you must start cleaning before the movers arrive so that they can immediately focus on moving related tasks. To ensure all the grime and dirt are removed and as part of moving etiquette, ask your movers if they offer cleaning services. There are some moving companies that even offer handyman services and basic furniture repair.

Although this additional service will increase the total cost of your move, this will help you avoid getting overwhelmed with all the things you need to get done. Also, a clean space can be the quick mood booster you need after days of tediously combing through items to declutter.

Service fees do not automatically include moving truck rental and fuel.

Most companies offer labor-only moving services. This includes packing, unpacking, loading and unloading all your belongings in moving trucks. Ask immediately if their services also include providing the right-sized moving truck and how much is the rental fee.

Make sure you also have enough money to cover other expenses such as gas and toll and transport fees, if these are required in the location you will be going to.

Pay and tip in cash.

If you were required to pay only for down payment when booking your movers, have the payment ready before movers arrive.

The same way they work hard to make your move smooth and breezy, do your best to make the conditions hassle free also for your moving team. Tip movers in cash so they can easily use the money and there will be no transfer fees and service charges.

Let your moves take reasonable breaks.

Before hiring movers, remember that they are also humans who will get tired and might commit mistakes. To minimize the risk of miscommunication, make sure your instructions are clear and concise.

If they have been working all morning, let them rest for a few minutes. They can have their lunch break or take a light snack. Continuously working even when they are obviously too tired will only make the packing process and the relocation process slower.

Offer refreshments. These can be as simple as a tall glass of cold lemonade and a cucumber sandwich. After all the heavy lifting, let them sip lemonade for a few minutes so they can get refreshed and re-energized.

Do a final check.

Unplug electronics and appliances. Do not easily assume that an empty room is automatically cleared of important belongings. Check drawers, filing cabinets, medicine cabinets for anything valuable you might have missed.

It is not the movers’ job to double check the space. Expect that Orlando movers want to be done with their tasks immediately. If no one oversees doing a walk through, you might be leaving the electricity, water or gas open, and this will lead to serious damage.

Include checking rooms, drawers and cabinets in your list of ten things and more things you need to get done. Make this a standard practice and you will never leave an open faucet ever again.


What should I be doing while the movers are here?

The most important thing you can do to help when movers arrive on moving day in your home is to give clear instructions where there will be no room for doubt and stay out of their way. Avoid distracting them with unnecessary details. Most movers do not really want a blow-by-blow account of your life’s story.

Politely welcome them inside your home while making sure you are safe and secure. If you live alone, inform a family member, friend or neighbor that you are expecting movers to come to your house at a certain time and date. Do this ahead of time and before moving day.

Give them the cardboard boxes, masking tape, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, furniture pads and other packing supplies they can use to get the job done.

What should I do before the movers come?

When booking a moving company whether for local moves or for a long-distance move, let them know your final moving date. If they are a full-service moving company, letting them know ahead of time will help in scheduling a moving truck that can pick up your belongings.

Before the movers pack your belongings, make an inventory list and go through items one by one. The purpose of this is to double check the current condition of each item, especially expensive appliances and heavy furniture.

Is it rude not to help movers?

No, it is not rude if this is what your movers want. Ask them if they prefer that you also do some packing and lifting. Otherwise, leave the packing and lifting to the professionals.

Giving the packing experts enough room to move around will simplify packing. If you want to help, you can set up a packing area in the house where they can immediately proceed to put things in boxes. It would be a nice gesture if they can have easy access to packing tape, bubble wraps, scissors, box cutters and other packing supplies.

Do you need empty drawers for movers?

While this is ideal in order to make the packing of your belongings faster, it is understandable if you do not have the time nor the energy to do this. Fret not. Let the packing experts do their magic. However, if you have valuables like jewelry and important documents, it is best to make sure the drawers and filing cabinets where these are kept are emptied even before the movers come to your house. It is advisable that you personally bring these items to your new location. Take charge of this stuff so you do not have to spend the whole time getting anxious that you lost an irreplaceable item.

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