8 Reasons How Office Furniture Can Alter the Productivity of Your Employees

8 Reasons How Office Furniture Can Alter the Productivity of Your Employees

The ambiance of a work environment reflects the work culture of an organization. It also has a direct influence how clients/visitors perceive the brand/business and more importantly on the productivity and morale of its employees. While it is important for office space to be fully functional, making it more comfortable and appealing for the staff does make a difference when it comes to how efficiently work gets done.

Even your standard pieces of office furniture can greatly affect employee productivity and performance. Here are eight different ways in which furniture can make a positive impact.

  1. Comfortable Desks and Chairs

Ergonomically designed chairs and desks make a world of difference, especially for employees on permanent desk jobs. With long working hours and limited need for movement, comfortable pieces of furniture enable staff to work at ease and focus on the task at hand with minimum strain on the neck / lower back.

Comfortable Desks and Chairs

Height adjustable chairs and desks can be set at the right level best suited for each employee, making them ideal for everyone at the office. Most Office furniture manufacturers now stock a great choice of ergonomic chairs that cater to diverse budgets.

  1. Empowering Core Spaces

A work desk or core work space of each employee that best fits their routine job profile can greatly influence productivity and performance.

Empowering Core Spaces

For instance if the employee works on a laptop/desktop, has a direct phone line and also handles paperwork, the workstations must comfortably accommodate electronic equipment and allow free space for files as well. With easy access to different modes of work, it is possible for the employee to discharge duties in a speedy and efficient manner.

  1. Shape and Size of Furniture

The design and dimensions of furniture pieces that fit the usage/purpose make routine tasks more effective. Larger desks at the Manager’s cabin or discussion rooms facilitate collaboration and team work.

Shape and Size of Furniture

They can comfortably seat several team members who can interact and work together without losing time moving among their individual workstations. It has been observed that rounded furniture pieces facilitate easy navigation through the office place without the danger of sharp edges. Circular tables are particularly ideal for formal and informal group discussions/brainstorming.

  1. Privacy and Noise Control

By opting for a suitable office layout, it is possible to ensure that there is sufficient privacy and minimum distractions for functions/teams where members need to work independently.

Privacy and Noise Control

Creating a suitable setting for focused effort, not only increases performance efficiency but also minimizes scope for costly errors and re-work. On the other hand, jobs that require collaboration, when located in the right open-layout setting with suitable furniture get done equally fast and efficiently as well.

  1. Storage Units

Opting for workstations that are fitted with additional drawers and versatile shelves enable employees to store and access files/paper work/ digital media in an organized and speedy manner. Larger filing cabinets when placed in easily accessible locations do minimize the time taken to store and retrieve details.

  1. Flexible Furniture

The use of modular, multipurpose furniture is bound to add a new look to the office space, enabling staff to quickly put together the necessary furniture to create an informal meeting space. Desk-high filing cabinets can neatly accommodate printers or copiers saving space that otherwise may get cluttered. Stackable pieces not only are more contemporary but also make the office interiors more spacious and flexible. Teams need no longer defer re-schedule meetings / discussions if the meeting/conference room is already occupied.

  1. Clean and Healthy Workplace

A clean and hygienic work environment definitely goes a long way in making employees more comfortable. Choosing pieces of furniture that are easy to maintain and made from non-hazardous material ensure that your office always looks and feels impeccable to work at or even to visit. It is really a great feeling to work in an office space that is lively and inviting and it definitely reflects on the quality and quantity of work that gets completed.

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  1. Organized Office Space

In general, a well-organized office space, or its layout enhances the appeal of the place, making it more functional and efficient. Seating teams that need to work together closer to each other is definitely bound to improve performance. Similarly demarcating open office spaces with flexible partitions creates a suitable work setting for employees with different job profiles.

That said it is important to ensure that all workstations receive a fair share of natural lighting and ventilation if possible. Desks towards the center of the office space typically are illuminated by electric lights. Either way, in addition to being outfitted with comfortable furniture offices spaces must be well-lit to ensure efficient operations.

Similarly, the color of the furniture and the interior walls too influence employee morale and productivity. Drab settings may not bring out the best effort even if the workstations are employee-friendly!

Irrespective of whether sprucing up your existing office space or outfitting a new office, being open to employee suggestions can help you choose the right furniture that fits your budget and their specific needs as well, without compromising on the aesthetics and brand image! Office furniture manufacturers deal not only with isolated pieces of furniture but can in fact outfit the entire office based on the chosen layout. Be it workstations, ergonomic chairs/desks, (flexible) partitions, storage units or reception counters, both standard and custom versions are available to suit specific requirements.

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