Understanding construction estimating software

good construction estimating

If you are a builder and you want to improve your business, then you’ve probably heard about construction estimating software. It is a software system that makes the project estimating process quick, easy, and more accurate. Generally, you will be able to do them about 5 times faster. This isn’t all that construction estimate software does though, there several features that you will find yourself using daily. To give you a better understanding of construction estimating software, we’ll look at what it is, some of the most used terms, and how you can get the most out of it.


We can’t go into all the features of a good construction estimating system like the Buildxact version, but here are a few of the best parts.

  • Quantity takeoffs – with just a few clicks the on-screen take-off tool will produce quotes 5x faster
  • Checklists – make sure nothing is missed
  • Templates – customise the online samples to use, again and again, streamlining repeatable job quotes
  • Databases – upload documents or connect with suppliers to get up-to-date prices
  • Project management – monitor personnel, progress, equipment, and more
  • Accounting – create invoices and integrate your accounting software for easy payments

With all these features and more it is no wonder construction estimating software has become a game changer in the construction industry.


Some of the main terms used within construction estimating software are as follows:

  • Scope – this refers to the amount and type of work that will be involved
  • Time – here we consider the amount of time that it will take to achieve the scope of work
  • Risk – this is a calculation of any issues or risks that are involved
  • Cost – is how much the project is estimated at, considering the direct and indirect costs as well as adding a little buffer amount
  • Resources – refers to the things you need to complete the project such as people, materials, equipment, etc
  • Quality – this is the quality the client is looking for in the finished product; regulatory guidelines, and environmental restrictions demand higher quality than the average building

Understanding the common terms used will make using construction estimating software a little less daunting.

Try it

The best way to make using construction estimating software less scary is to try it and get comfortable with it. It seems a lot harder than it is and once you start using it you will realise it for yourself. With Buildxact you can book a demo with one of their team members, watch tutorial videos, read their blogs, and you can even try it before you buy it with their 14-day free trial. Their team of construction estimating software experts will get your business set up and on the right track in no time.

Don’t lose any more bids because your estimates are off, or they don’t have the professional look of your competitors. Instead, contact the team at Buildxact and grow your building business and make more money while saving time. Understanding construction estimating software is as easy as 1,2,3 with Buildxact.

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