Turn Your Vision Into Reality By Discovering Unique Ways To Style Your Home


The way you decorate your home says a lot about your personality. How you design your home and place the furniture determines the overall aesthetics. You must have spent some time in visualizing how you want your living room to look or what type of décor you want to buy for your bedroom. Having enough knowledge about the right utilization of space and quality decorative accessories can help you pick the right wall décor items. Here is what you can do-

* Mosaic Tile Framed Accent Wall Mirror– Now you can add a little color and shimmer to your bedroom by placing a Mosaic mirror in front of your dressing table. Now you can choose the frame according to the color scheme and décor of your room. These mirrors are removable which makes them easy to clean.

* Rectangular wall mirror- Experiment with different shapes and get a rectangular mirror for your living room. These mirrors are not only elegant but are made from durable material. Make your home look more stylish by adding a gleaming glass.

* Decorative Glass round Mosaic- You can also get a round mirror which consists of Mosaic glass. You can buy the frames with subtle colors. It will make the room look more wide and spacious.

* Handmade Glass Mosaic Wall Clock- Now add a splash of vibrant colors by placing a Mosaic wall clock in your house. The clocks are made from compressed wood. With the easy to clean material, you can get the hybrid look. By combining the modern and traditional style, add neutral hues to your home.

Now you can jazz up your house by adding the following decorative objects in your rooms-

your house by adding

* Handcrafted Decorative Animal Sculpture- Now you don’t have to stare at your empty side table as you can add an animal sculpture. Made from the poly resin, add the hand-painted decorative objects to your house. You can choose from a variety

of different designs and graffiti style. Use the sculptures of different shape and size to give it a layered look.

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graffiti style
Source: http://www.decorshore.com/

* Aluminum Decorative Statue- Now make your room look more graceful and elegant by adding the decorative statues. Made using high-quality aluminium, you can buy the items such as metal balls. You can choose the statue of different size depending on the space available in your room. The statue has a silver finish and consist of motifs. You can use them as the decorative display. You can go for a pair of statues to add a minimalist touch.

An easy way to increase the aesthetical value of your room is to add an area rug. You can place the rug either in your living room or bedroom. The rugs come in eye-catching designs and patterns. You can pick a monochromatic rug depending on the style you want. The rugs are made from synthetic material which makes them easy to wash. You can also order custom designed rugs catering to your needs and budget requirements.

kitchen and the dining area

The kitchen and the dining area is one of the most important parts of your home. Here is how you can enhance the dining experience of your family as well as the guests-

* Handmade 12″ Service plate- Now get the handmade service plates for your kitchen. The plates are made from scratch resistant material making them strong and durable for future purposes. You can pick your favorite print and color from hundreds of unique designs that are available online. You can also select the right size accordingly. Although it is not microwave safe, they are known to keep your food safe and fresh for a longer duration of time.

* Decorative plates- Now create your own personalized collection of decorative plates and use them for display. You can either put the plates on the display racks and shelves or place them on your wall. Create a pattern and enjoy the eye-soothing patterns that will add colors to your room.

* Accent Plates- Now you can show off your creative style by placing the accent plates in your house. Handcrafted by expert artists, the plates come in a variety of abstract designs. They can be placed on a side table and walls.

* Handcrafted copper mugs- Add beautifully handcrafted copper mugs to your collection. The mugs are made from copper and brass. The best thing about the mug is that it is BPA free. You can also place them in a freezer.

Decorative Throw Pillow Cushion Cover is one of the many cost-effective ways you can make your room look visually striking. Here is what you can do to style your bedroom-

Decorative Throw Pillow Cushion Cover
Source: http://www.decorshore.com/

* Decorative pillow case covers- Now you can easily get the best quality pillow case covers for your bedroom. The case covers are made from soft microfiber that is hypoallergenic in nature. You can choose from a variety of different colors and patterns that are unique in nature.

* Throw pillow covers 18×18- Now add more vibrant and dazzling colors in your bedroom by buying the pillow covers. Whether it is your living room or guest bedroom, you can pick the versatile pillow covers. Made from polyester, the covers are easy to wash and clean.

* Decorative cushion covers- Now add more textures and colors in your home. Decorate your ordinary and plain looking couch with the alluring cushion covers. The covers are made from cotton and chenille which makes them easy to clean and maintain. You can choose the color and designs according to the overall design of your home.

* Throw pillow covers- Now become a trendsetter by purchasing the pillow covers. Now you can play with colors and add a contrast to your room. You can add a personalized touch to your room by choosing your favorite color.

By choosing the right online platform such as the DecorShore, you can get multiple home décor items for your living room, bedroom,

Bathroom, and kitchen at a single platform. Now set a budget and design your place any way you want.

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