5 Intelligent Tricks To Get Paint Off Your Windows

Paint Off Your Windows

Are the windows stained? Paint stains are not hard to tackle if the right cleaning approach is adopted. Here is how to eliminate the ugly paint stains from the windows!

Diluted Vinegar Can Help

We can resort to vinegar for almost anything and everything. Be it dust and dirt or an arrogant paint stain; vinegar can fix it all! If you have a bottle of vinegar at home, there is no need to be concerned about the tough paint patches on the windows. Well, to perform this trick, some water and vinegar are required.

Add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and water to a pot and heat the mixture until it boils. Don’t forget to put on a pair of gloves while dipping the old cloth in the solution. Scrub the stain gently until it vanishes. Wind up by wiping the surface with a window cleaner.

Use Soapy Water

Out of the numerous effective paint removal techniques, this one should be the most accessible and affordable trick. Paint stains get stubborn every day, so deal with the patch at the earliest possible. The more you wait, the harder the cleanup.

For a bucket of water, take one tablespoon of dish soap. Wet an old rag with the solution and rub the stains. Soapy water solution helps rid all the dirt, grime and ugly patches. If the pigmentation is pretty bad, try scraping it off with a razor blade. The streaks can be alleviated with a squeegee.

Nail Polish Remover Works Great

Acetone-based remover is used as the solvent in this hack. Nail polish remover helps get away with spray paint patches to a certain extent. Take a microfibre cloth and add a few drops of nail polish remover to it. Then, press it against the stain. Once the paint starts to loosen, start scrubbing the surface.

Use a wet rag to clean the remover and paint residues. Apply a good-quality glass cleaner before finishing and dry the surface with a clean cloth.

Get In Touch With The Cleaning Pros

When it comes to hard paint stains on beautiful windows, you have to be utmost careful. The windows are fragile and scratch-prone. Be wise enough to seek help from professional house cleaning services at the right time. The more you hesitate, the more challenging the clean-up. Why run around for a costly replacement when there are many cleaning experts in the city?

Thorough specialists, with their stout expertise, can handle the patches effortlessly. They use the most suitable and eco-friendly resources to rid the patches. Do some research and list down the finest house cleaning professionals near your locality. Check whether the services offered, meet your requirements and budget, before signing the contract.

Try Using Dish Soap

Add a cup of vinegar to a pan and bring it to a boil. Rub the patches using a cloth dipped in the hot vinegar. If the spots are resistant, add some dish soap to a bucket of warm water and saturate the patch using a cloth. Dry the affected area with a rag before ending the process.

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