5 Things to Check for When Deciding on a New Home

5 Things to Check for When Deciding on a New Home

Deciding on a new home is an important and life-changing decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Anyone in the market to purchase a new home inherently has an eye on all the details. There are so many houses on the market at any given moment and finding what you like, don’t like, or need to check for is imperative for a successful purchase and future in a new location.

Here are 5 things that you need to check for when deciding on a new home so that you’ll be able to be smart about your decision and choose the perfect home.

Bedrooms and bathrooms

Easily on the top of the list, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms of a potential home sets the stage for your everyday experiences within the actual home itself.

Depending on whether you are living alone or with your family or whatever your values are or how your lifestyle plays out, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms on a property needs to adequately meet your needs.

Looking at a property without the appropriate number of bedrooms and bathrooms is not worth your time, and time is of the essence when it comes to real estate.

Know your number ahead of time before you start house hunting. Have a minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms in mind and go from there.

Price per square foot

Checking the price per square foot is a very important part of being able to set apart homes you are interested in from others of a similar price. Also, the price per square foot is sort of a fast track to understanding the value of a property.

The lower the price per square foot, the higher the value of a property. This is because essentially paying less per square foot means you are paying less for more room in your home relative to other homes of a similar price.

Getting to know a home’s value based on price per square foot is only step one at evaluating value, but it’s a big one. FIguring out what the best value for your price range is can start at this metric, and then you can look further and check for other experience-based value within the square footage in question.


The location of a new home is something to check for and really research as well. Points of interest surrounding a home is a great place to start, especially if you have a family or children of school age. Other things to look into are crime maps, walk score, and local attractions, restaurants, parks, shopping malls, or libraries nearby.

How close a home is to a major metropolitan area is also an important checking point. For instance, if you are looking at a home in a suburb of Chicago, you’ll want to check out exactly how far away you are from the city’s center, how long it would take to get there both during rush hour and on off hours, and what part of the city itself the home is the closest to.

You won’t be able to access this app right away, but Nextdoor is a great app to sign up for after you have settled into your new home and location. You’ll be able to be welcomed into the neighborhood and know all about events, neighborhood associations, or any furnishings for sale in the area.

Required Renovations

Renovations are a large part of any property, but if you are looking at a home that has a great price per square foot and meets your needs in other areas as well, start checking what renovations are required.

This can make or break a property. If it really needs a lot of work and the work isn’t in your budget, it’s probably time to move on. Ultimately, the price of the required renovations may not be worth the time or be in your budget. Check this and figure this out on a property sooner than later.

Required Maintenance

If renovations are minimal or whatever is required works for you then you are ready to check for the required maintenance of a potential new home.

Take the time to understand what it will cost you to run the home smoothly with electricity, heat, gas, A/C, water, et cetera. In addition, know and understand the upkeep of the yard if there is one, both front and back, and the materials in the floors and walls and roof, as these will be a good indication of how much maintenance will be required in the coming years.

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Knowing an anticipating the maintenance required on a property is an important thing to check before you choose your new home so you can limit as many surprises as possible.

Making sure certain things about a potential new home are accounted for is a smart and responsible way to go home shopping. When you are choosing your new home, use these 5 things to check for when deciding and you’ll be able to pick a house that you will love having as your home for years to come.

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