6 Decorative Paint Trends for Hip Tea Rooms

6 Decorative Paint Trends for Hip Tea Rooms

Nostalgic revival has been a buzzword in lifestyle and design for the last five years. This concept is all about restoring the value of traditional aesthetics and practices to regain a more elevated way of life.

A lot of young people these days have taken great interest in this trend. They find everything that nostalgic revival stands for to be rich and morally uplifting. And, one of the rather old-fashioned practices associated with this trend that the youth are gravitating to is afternoon tea.

Although afternoon tea is embedded in certain cultures, it has become more of a luxury for many, given that the traditional hour for it is crunch time in professional settings. But, recently, more and more people are deliberately taking the time out of what they’re doing for afternoon tea as a form of self-care. This is why the practice has now taken a more global appeal.

Strong Tea Culture — More Beautiful Tea Rooms

With afternoon tea’s global appeal, it’s no wonder there’s a proliferation of tea places all over the world. In Japan, there are more tea rooms now compared to ten years ago. In the U.S., meanwhile, various business establishments have also created tea rooms for young girls and women’s clubs. Celebrity children, in fact, are known to frequent these places.

One thing is apparent about these tea rooms not only have they become cool hangouts for young people who believe tea leads to an elevation of life, but they are also interior design hubs.

Tea rooms are establishments where high standards of style are evident. You’ll marvel at the decor, as well as the impressive choices of decorative paints used. These tea rooms are among the most stylistically inspiring establishments.

And when it comes to the interior decorative concrete paints used, there are a few incredibly popular options for tea rooms young tea enthusiasts frequent. Therefore, if you are pondering over opening a tea house or room as a business, these paints and finishes are smart choices for creating a business location that can effortlessly attract tea-lovers.

1. Chalkboard

Black or green chalkboard paint is one of the most in-demand choices for tea room interior paint due to the following reasons:

  • Black is a sophisticated color and appeals to the modern style sensibilities of young people.
  • It creates functional versatility. Tea room owners can change-up the look of their interior walls whenever they want. All they need is chalk to draw any image or pattern to reflect each day’s theme or inspiration.
  • Black and green work nicely with the typical warm lighting for tea rooms.
  • Black and green go well with all kinds of building materials. They compliment the deep red color of brick, the warm hue of natural woods, and even the raw charm of unfinished concrete.

2. Tudor

Tudor-inspired interior decorative paints bring old world charm to tea rooms. They have muted sepia colors that go exceptionally well with gold, brass, and crystal accents. Also, they have texture to give walls added dimension for interest.

Such old-fashioned and textured interior paint finish lends regalness to a room, allowing tea-lovers to luxuriate themselves during tea time fully. Typically such wall paint is used for the special tea rooms in old hotels and restaurants, and the teaware used is just as elegant as the interior design and decor.

3. Orange

This color has long been a top choice for any establishment that serves food and drinks. According to the psychology of color for businesses, orange is deemed a comforting hue. It can stimulate the senses and actually drive people to consume more food and drink.

Studies also show that using orange for a tea room complements the tea experience that people want. It boosts appetite and encourages people to interact with each other more. Therefore, if you want your tea room to attract a lot of customers and have them stay longer, orange notably, a shade with a more potent red undertone is a wise choice to use for wall paint.

4. Wood

Wood colors and finishes never fail to create a homey atmosphere, which many love. It promotes feelings of comfort and relaxation, which are what most people associate with tea time. Everything from light cedar to deep espresso oakwood color is a good paint hue to choose from.

As for the grainy finish, according to Naoyuki Takai, a journalist, and writer of books on cafe culture, the grainy finish that goes with wood colors contributes to a cozy atmosphere for cafes and tea houses. It makes for a more appealing space where customers are encouraged to sit back, take things slow, and feel quite at home.

5. Plaster

A plaster finish gives a dated look to interior spaces. It sends a wave of nostalgia, which having tea is also known to do. The less than perfect texture and the rather uneven or gradient tone of paint actually serve as prompts for introspection.

A tea room that feels like it has been around for quite a long time never fails to attract quiet souls seeking meaningful conversations or a sense of silence so their thoughts could flow more freely. This is why in Asian countries like Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea, plaster walls are intentionally created for tea rooms to create that vintage look that appeals to many.

6. Country pastels

Soft pastels, either plain or with wholesome patterns and prints, are also excellent options for tea rooms. Young girls enjoy all the baby pinks, sky blues, lavenders, baby chick yellow, and seafoam green.

These hues aesthetically go hand in hand with the dainty pastries served with tea, as well as whimsical shabby-chic decor.

Tea Rooms with Amazing Style

Paint is one of the most critical design foundations for tea room design. Choose the right color and finish, and you can net in your target market so much easier. Likewise, it will help you establish the image that you want your business wants to be known for.

So, if you are brainstorming about the best interior style for your dream tea room, consider the top picks shared above.

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