6 Ways to Design Your Kitchen for Entertaining

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These days, it’s all about creating a kitchen space that can also function for entertaining, dining and even doing work or schooling. If you’ve decided it’s time to renovate your kitchen space to be a bit more entertainment friendly, here are some tips that will ensure you transform your space into the perfect entertaining location!

  1. Install a kitchen island. These days, it’s hard to find a home that doesn’t have a kitchen island. Even though the open concept floor plan seems to have hit a stall amongst homeowners, having a kitchen island is still a huge part of any kitchen design. Even if you decide to put a wall between your living room and your kitchen, an island is not only functional for adding lots of prep space in your kitchen, but it’s also great for entertaining. Lay out dishes of food, line up glassware to show off your bartending skills or make your island more functional by installing a sink or dishwasher. Either way, kitchen islands remain one of the most important ways you can design your kitchen for entertaining. Make sure to add some storage solutions to your island by installing new kitchen cabinets!
  1. Add lots of overhead lighting. Poor lighting in your kitchen can make entertaining difficult. Install recessed lighting or a set of pendant lights to your kitchen in order to make the space feel inviting and well lit. Many homeowners entertain after working hours or on the weekend, which means that you’ll need to have decent lighting. Good overhead lighting is also great for taking all those perfect shots for Instagram, showing off your spread of food and drinks that make your entertaining skills the envy of all your neighbors. Having good lighting in your kitchen also makes prepping for all your entertaining a breeze. When you can see what you’re cooking, you’re more likely to make things that taste good.

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  2. Install a breakfast nook. The breakfast nook will always be a trend for kitchens, especially ones that want to entertain. Having seating available for your guests while you finish prepping in the kitchen, or even somewhere for them to sit and glance through a book or magazine is always a nice gesture. Breakfast nooks are also great for you as a homeowner. It’s a nice space that you can utilize to eat a quick breakfast without having to sit at the formal dining table. Breakfast nooks aren’t just for breakfast, though. You can play some cards, get some schoolwork done or even keep an eye on the kids while you make dinner. A breakfast nook is great for many reasons, and whether you install some built-in cabinets or even a seating bench, you can easily make it a great addition for any entertainment value of your kitchen! And, since every breakfast nook needs a table, make sure to place one in your kitchen that matches your stained cabinets. Cohesion really goes a long way in any kitchen design.
  3. Add a bar cart. Bar carts are a great addition to any kitchen! Not only are they portable, but they’re also great for when you want to free up some storage space in your kitchen. You can easily store all your seasonal and party supplies in the extra space in your kitchen that you’ll have added by moving your glassware and liquor to your bar cart. But, you can also theme your bar cart for any occasion! Decorating your bar cart is a great way to make your kitchen feel more inviting for guests. This way, guests don’t have to venture too far into your kitchen to fix themselves a drink, and you can be sure to have enough space on your countertops to lay out a delicious spread of party food! Bar carts are also perfect for smaller kitchens or spaces where you don’t always have the freedom to design in the way you’d like, such as when you’re renting or in a historic home.

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  4. Hide away clutter. Let’s face it — clutter in a kitchen doesn’t make it entertainment friendly. Instead, it would actually make your kitchen less likely to be the one chosen for weekly game night. Hiding away clutter, such as your coffee pot, mixer or even putting away your flour and sugar containers, can make your space appear more open and better for entertaining. There are lots of storage solutions you can create with custom RTA cabinets that make it easy for you to store away all those kitchen gadgets that usually lead to lots of clutter. This way, you’ll have more space to place out a delicious spread of food or have guests eat at your kitchen island. When you need to entertain, it’s important that you have enough space for all your entertaining needs, and hiding away unnecessary clutter is perfect for that.
  5. Add some open shelving. Do you have a set of porcelain that’s been passed down for generations, but you didn’t want to spend money on a china cabinet? Or, maybe you are growing your own herbs and don’t want them to take up counter space. Open shelving is the perfect solution! Open shelving allows you to show off all your favorite kitchen items and also serves as a great way to incorporate some accent designs into your kitchen space. Kitchens can easily seem bland, but open shelving allows for easy access to your most-used items and also gives you the chance to put some fun design pieces in. Many homeowners like to show off their favorite dishware or even some artwork on their open shelves in their kitchen. It’s also a good way to put some other organization tools, such as large glass jars or acrylic containers, on display. While everyone will know what’s in your shelves, everything will look cohesive and perfect for a kitchen meant for entertaining.

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