Five Mattress Buying Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Five Mattress Buying Mistak

When buying a mattress, many people assume that they could never have it wrong. However, this could not be further from the truth. Choosing a high-quality and good mattress for your preferences requires a keenness to details, without which you will land a mattress you cannot use for a long time before you realise complains or discomfort and wearing out.

Although mattresses come with a warranty, it helps to know that you chose the perfect mattress without counting on defaults to help you change your option. Among many other mistakes you could be making when buying a mattress, here are the top five you must avoid:

Five Mattress Buying Mistakes from a Particular Brand Based Solely on Referrals

Sure reviews and recommendations go a long way in influencing the decision of a buyer, but that should not be the sole factor you consider for your mattress. The truth about mattresses is that they differ in comfort, not only from brand to another but also for different users.

It is possible that a mattress your friend finds comfortable be ill for your body figure and size, and also, for your preferences and uniqueness, including your sleeping position, which is a significant factor to consider. For example, an athlete with a bad shoulder requires more support on the shoulders than other people normally would.

Buying Solely on Comfort

Seeking comfort is the one thing that pushes people towards investing is a good mattress. In your chase for this, you may be blinded to other factors if you focus solely on comfort. A mattress may be very comfortable at initial purchase but depreciate over time, usually due to sagging, wear and tear. Manufacturers can even use low quality and cheap material and come up with a very comfortable mattress, but be short-lived.

Five Mattress Buying Mistak

As you focus on comfort as the number one agenda, remember to question yourself on matters to longevity. A mattress is not a household item to be changed after every month or year, so you must be deliberate with the durability of the mattress. The trick is to focus on the quality of the mattress by considering the materials used to make it. In this case, you also want to be specific with brands since trusted brands rarely compromise on quality.

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Consider also the warranty of the mattress because, the more extended the warranty, the more assurance that the mattress is durable.

Basing Your Purchase on the Firmness of the Mattress

Sure the firmness of a mattress matters, but if you use that as the primary or single factor to choosing the perfect mattress for you, then you will sell yourself short a big deal. The firmness should be enough to guarantee you longevity, but also in a manner that does not compromise your comfort.

Remember that a lot of firmness in a mattress takes away the pleasure of your spine curving naturally during sleep, even cutting off the circulation in your system, all of which is how you resolve in stress and pain on the main pressure points of your body, including, your hips, shoulders, lumbar region, among others.

Ideally, the mattress bed you opt for should not be too firm nor too soft. Too soft a mattress tends to sag in the mid-spine region over time and hence cannot serve you a long while. Consider a balance between softness and firmness, usually by testing it before buying.

Not Testing the Mattress

Buying a mattress is a personal thing, more like buying a pair of pants. Without checking them, then you cannot know if they are your right fit, and whether they complement your body features. You must test mattresses before buying so you can test the firmness and softness, as well as the bounce-back rate.

If a mattress features poor quality material, after laying on it, it retains the sag of where your body lay, and hence, may not be durable. Since there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ in matters to mattresses, it is important you test your mattress before you buy.

Five Mattress Buying Mistak

Buying Based on Price Alone

The quality of the mattress directly affects the comfort and durability it serves you with, and if the price is all you use to gauge the quality, then you are making a huge mistake.

Typically, the average retailer of mattresses puts up their prices for outlandish sales up 100%-500% the actual cost. This exaggeration in pricing could be as a result of pricing requirements by certain brands, multiple handlers in shipping the mattresses, among other expenses. In such a case, a locally manufactured mattress may be cheap but be of higher quality.

There you have it! If you avoid these rookie mistakes, you should land yourself the perfect mattress choice in no time.

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