How to Decorate Your Room With Things you Already Have

How to Decorate Your Room With Things you Already Have

Women pay special attention to their own home and especially the kitchen. In order to make your home beautiful, women often buy new things because women want their home to look different and better than ever. Telling you that decorating the house is also an art of decorating yourself. To give a new look to the house, a lot of ideas come in women’s mind. As well as TV and magazines, new ideas to decorate the house can be taken, but to decorate the house it is not necessary that you have to bring expensive goods from the market. You can also give a new look to your home using the wasteful things you have at home. For this you have to take a little time and use your creativity, so let’s know How to decorate your room with things you already have –

  1. Wind Chime :- Kulhadas who drink old tea in the house can be used to make wind chimes. You can paint these old Kulhars with any of your favorite colors. Then fold all these kulhars with a strong thread. Bind it up and down, so that it can easily move and sound when the air comes. This will increase the beauty of your home. You can also prepare them as a candle stand.
  2. Handbags :- You can also create a beautiful handbag from old newspapers. They can use these bags to keep pens, candles, magazines and other items including cards. To make this bag you have to create a strong base by adding some newspapers. After this, make a hole in the bag from the paper punching machine in the back. Put the ribbon in these holes. At the same time, the outer part of this bag can also make some new decorates.
  3. Flower Vessel :- In the summer, we drink cold drakes in our homes. These cold bottle bottles are stored in our homes. You can use these empty bottles in many ways. Here, empty bottles can also work for your home’s best showpiece. In it you can make fresh flowers and make a flower habit. You can also do these empty bottles like a pot. Plant small plants in them. This will make your house look green.

We are reading about How to decorate your room with things you already have

  1. Creative Mirror :- You can put new life in the plane mirrors of the house using the old things of the house. For this, you must first have your mirror framed on a wooden piece. After that you have to decorate this wooden frame with stars, beads or stones. You can also color it. This will make your glass look beautiful and beautiful.

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5. Night lamp :- With the help of old chart papers and news papers, you can prepare a great night lamp. To make this, first you cut the paper in square shape. After this paste it around the lamp. It must be noted that it does not stick to paper and bulb. Because if it sticks to bulk then the paper will burn soon.

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