A Dozen Ways to Elevate the Decor in Your Home

A Dozen Ways to Elevate the Decor in Your Home

Being in our homes day after day, some areas might start to seem drab. Make some changes to shake things up a bit. While room remodels are an option, you don’t necessarily need to go to those lengths to make an impact. The good news is that even a couple small decor tweaks can change up a whole room. Flex your creativity with one of these ideas. Below are a dozen ways to elevate your decor. 

Add a Gorgeous Rug


One of the quickest and easiest ways to give a room a makeover is by adding in area rugs. Their color and texture add vitality to any room. Bedrooms feel cozier and living rooms feel more expensive. Even “generic” spaces like a home office, bathroom, or backyard can suddenly feel luxurious with the right rug. If you’ve had an old rug for a while, consider a swap for a whole new vibe. Also, your current rug may just not be the best dimensions for the particular room. Consider a custom-sized rug to optimize the room.

Create a Welcoming Entryway

First impressions are everything. The door and entry will be the first thing visitors see. It’s also what you will be coming home to every day. A pleasant scene will instantly make guests feel welcomed and you relaxed at the end of a tiring day. Paint the door with a happy color or replace an old, ratty welcome mat. Add some greenery with planters or a wreath on the door.

Color Your View


Speaking of paint, a fresh coat always makes a room look better. It could be a dramatic change, like going for a bold color. However, even if you’re just switching from ivory to eggshell, a new coat of paint will make the walls look cleaner and fresher. If you’re somewhere in the middle of how far you want to go with color, try an accent wall for an exciting pop of color without too much commitment.

Punch it up With Pillows

Adding throw pillows to the mix is fun and easy. There are so many colors, patterns, sizes, and textures. All these things transform a couch from being boring to beautiful. Investing in high-quality throw pillows for the bedroom adds instant elegance. Throw pillows are also a quick way to update your room seasonally. Autumn pillows will create a cozy spirit during the holiday season, while brighter colorways will cheer up the room for spring.

Go Green

Plants literally breathe life into a room. A touch of greenery makes a room feel fresh, not only in appearance, but also because plants purify the air. A tall plant can really complete the living room, while hanging plants in the kitchen or bedroom can add an inviting boho vibe. Black thumb? Start out with succulents. They’re currently trendy and usually don’t require as much watering.

Make a House of Mirrors


Reflective surfaces make a room look larger and more open. A mirror is functional, but it’s also a classy decor piece. Find one in a unique shape or one with an artistic frame.

Let There be Light

You’ve probably noticed you look better in the sexy glow of a nice restaurant as opposed to being under the harsh lights at the office. Lighting affects our mood, and the right lighting creates a soothing ambiance. Your home will feel more open with natural light. If you have dark curtains, consider coverings that are more sheer. Candlelight is like an Instagram filter, and is essential in creating a cozy ambiance. Back lights in shelves or behind a mirror are cool ways to illuminate a space and highlight your other decor.

Update Fixtures


Updating fixtures is a cheat way to bring your home into the current decade, and also make it look more expensive. Examples are faucets, handles, towel bars, and showerheads. Making several of those things all one color in your bathroom will make the room more cohesive and stylish. In living rooms and bedrooms, a new lighting fixture will bring in the wow factor.

Get in Touch with Your Artistic Side

Hanging up art is one of the most expressive decor choices. Besides adding color to the room, art displays your personality and really makes a home your own. Even if you don’t think you’re the “artsy” type, you aren’t required to put up a classic or modern print you don’t even like. A poster of your favorite movie or a record jacket in an upscale frame can look great as long as it goes along with other themes you have running in the room.

Don’t Forget Personal Artwork

If you own something cool, display it. Pull out grandpa’s war medals that have just been hiding in the basement, or a classy souvenir from a memorable vacation. Photographs also make a place feel more like home. Get out your digital scrapbook and select a few pictures to print and frame.

Integrate Stylish Storage

Chic looking storage does double duty. It hides the unsightly clutter, and can also act as decor to add interest to the space. Over the years, we tend to accumulate a bunch of stuff that fills our homes. The result can be a mishmash of objects that don’t coordinate well together. Cabinets can hide some of the mess, but there are affordable options too. Attractive baskets and home organizers can do the trick.

The Purge: This Time it’s Personal

While you’re storing away items in your new cute bins, consider if you really need it. A thorough purge will decrease the clutter and really highlight the things you want to spotlight. For example, an exquisite bookcase can shine as opposed to being packed with books and mismatched tchotchkes.

At the end of the day, you want to enrich your home but also personalize it. Choose one of the dozen ideas above that speak to you. A mini makeover will elevate the home for you, your family, and guests.

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