Simple Ways To Keep Your House Clean

Simple Ways To Keep Your House Clean

A clean and tidy house does not only look beautiful, it is a way to maintain positive energy too. It always makes your mood good and more organized. As it doesn’t matter, if you are a neat person or a creative person but the trash and dust in the house can ruin your personality.

From technical development to expert opinion, here are we have the most useful life hacking, tricks to keep your home clean and tidy.

1. Disinfect Sponges In The Microwave

Disinfect Sponges In The Microwave

Everyone knows that germs easily accumulate on sponges, and they quickly become soiled. To freshen sponge, sprinkle a small amount of lemon juice on it and let it dry for two minutes in the microwave. Heating in a microwave oven will completely destroy the bacteria, and you will get a clean sponge with a pleasant smell. But make sure that your sponge does not contain metals!

2. Fill Your Home With Cinnamon

Fill Your Home with CinnamonCinnamon has a wonderful aroma that will make your home cosy and welcoming. This method is very simple, sprinkle some amount of cinnamon on your carpet, and then vacuum it.

3. Scrub Bathtub With Grapefruit

Scrub Bathtub with GrapefruitThis is one of the ecological ways to clean your bathtub. You just need to cut the grapefruit in half, sprinkle salt on it and rub the bathtub with it. No more chemicals or strongly smelling cleaners are required to clean it.


  1. Use Vinegar As A Universal Cleaner

Use Vinegar as a Universal CleanerVinegar is a universal remedy for removing limescale to cleaning windows and work great on Grout Cleaning too. To use it as a cleaner, mix it with water in equal proportions. Do not use any special vinegar as ordinary vinegar will do its job with a bang!

5. Love Lemons

Love LemonsLemons are the best cleaning tool in the world. Citric acid helps to remove dirt, scum, and rust, without spoiling things. So, you can try lemon juice to remove the dirt that has accumulated around the taps. Lemons also fight on stains for cleaning utensils you can leave the lemon juice for a while and then rinse. You can also use it for cleaning the microwave easily. Simply, fill a bowl with water and lemon slices and then cook it in the microwave for five minutes. With simple cloth, you can easily remove any ingrained contamination on it.

6. Use Soda

Use Soda

Soda is the most accepted remedy to clean almost everything. You can easily clean dust and dirt in the oven and refrigerator. So, place a small saucer filled with soda in the refrigerator, will also help you to get rid of unwanted odors. You can clean the mattresses with it too, just sprinkle some soda on it and then leave for a while before vacuuming.

7. The Power of Salt


The Power of Salt

If you want to clean the sink, mix the salt with hot water and pour it into the hole. The water will leave better and you will get rid of unpleasant odors.


  1. Best Use of Cornmeal

Best Use of CornmealThe cornmeal is more often used for baking, but if something oily or greasy spills on your carpet, sprinkle flour on it, leave for twenty minutes, then vacuum it. You can also clean the silver using a mixture of cornmeal and water.

9. Herbal Oil In Action

Herbal Oil in ActionIf you want to wash the paint off from your hands, mix it with salt. Applying this mixture will gently remove the paint from the skin. Vegetable oil can also be used to polish wooden furniture. You just mix two drops of oil with one part of lemon juice and rub with a napkin.


10.Organize Convenient Storage of Pastel Linen

Organize Convenient Storage of Pastel LinenIf you get tired of looking for all the items in one place. You can also store the entire set in one of the pillowcases. It is more convenient to search and you will more save time.

11. Clean With Cola

Clean With ColaIf you do not want to use bleach and are looking for a non-toxic method, you can choose in the drinks section of your supermarket! Cola has a moderate degree of acidity, which destroys metal stains and stains in your toilet too. For this, a single bottle should be enough. Apply liquid to the entire surface of the toilet, clean with a cloth and leave for an hour. Then just wash it off and see the amazing result.


  1. Food Film

Food FilmIt is a very useful life hacking trick. Wrap with cling film like fruits around your refrigerator and replace them every week, this will prevent crumbs and stains from clogging up on the refrigerator. The same can be done with grills, oven too.

  1. Decide What You Do Not Need!

Decide What You Do Not Need!If your wardrobe is full, but you are not sure what you could give or throw away, you can use the following method. Hang all the hangers in your wardrobe in the opposite direction. Over time, the clothes you wear will hang as you like, and those that you do not need will remain on the hanger with turned in the opposite direction. If you get rid of unnecessary things in your wardrobe this will lead to order in it!

  1. Remember Your Dishwasher

Remember Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers should not be limited to cleaning dishes. It works as a simple and ready sterilization machine in your kitchen that can clean your lots of household items. Like Baby toys, bath shelves, brushes, and even your summer slippers. It also works for deep cleaning in your dishwasher. However, do not turn off your common sense and be careful about what you are going to wash!

  1. Bread Can Also Be A Good Cleaning Assistant

Bread Can Also Be A Good Cleaning Assistant

Well, we all break something in the kitchen. But, do you know that a piece of bread can collect even small pieces that the brush and vacuum cleaner may miss. All you need to do is to take the flesh of the bread and use it like a sponge. The bread will act as a magnet and collect glass!

Final Words

Hope, the above-mentioned tips will help you to clean your house. But, if something more serious happens to your home, hiring a professional cleaner is a good deal, like to fill lose grouts, you can call Grout Cleaning Company for better services.

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