Roofing Overhaul – It Might Be What Your Home Needs Most


Is your roof old? Have you been spending a little too much time on roof maintenance without the desired results? Are the same problems repeating themselves? If you answer yes to all these questions it might be time to make a big and more importantly, very wise investment. It is time to replace your old roof.

Why Should I Get A New Roof?

There are many reasons why you should get a new roof. Let us explore them.

If you can visibly see the scars on your roof then it is time to consider a high-quality replacement. You will be giving the rest of your home better protection by changing the roof. Roof damage causes leakages into the interiors of the home, especially in the attic area.

It also reduces the efficiency of your heating and ventilation system. These two problems lead to more expenses for roof replacement cost georgia. If you are planning to sell your home then adding a new roof will certainly raise the value of the property. Experts at the can come to your aid if you need assistance.

How Do I Evaluate My Roof Health?

There are some telltale signs that your roof needs a change or massive repair at least. Shingles can be broken or loose and if unattended, this causes moisture build-up in the layers beneath. The shingles can also lose their shape reducing the weatherproof quality of the roof. A most common sign of this is when the edge of the shingle is curled or cupped. Shingles also have a special coating that lengthens the life of the roof.

Over time, these granules fall off and the shingles lose their coating and need to be replaced. If you notice the growth of mold on or around the roof area, that is a sign that it is not able to protect the inner layers from moisture anymore. You may be able to replace a shingle or two but if the damage is extensive it is time to get a professional evaluation.

Take a look at other parts of the home. Look for signs in the attic or top ceiling areas for patches and mold. The areas near the gutter and chimney are also vulnerable to moisture build-up. Mold can lead to other health problems and is something that should not be allowed to grow in your living space.

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Getting A New Roof With HERO

A new roof comes at a big cost but it does not mean that you have to the full amount in one shot. Financing options mean that you can install your new roof while also keeping your budget under control. You can learn more about the HERO program or the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity, a government initiative that is encouraging American households to renovate and reduce their energy costs.

The unique part about this program is that your property condition rather than your credit score provides the criteria for approval.

From energy costs to comfort, a new roof can bring about many positive changes in your home and your life. Consider adding the latest in roofing technology to your property and enjoy the benefits.

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