Daring Home Decors with Vintage Neon Signs

Vintage neon signs carry a lot of charm and a bit of nostalgic appeal. They could remind you of a favorite joint you used to go to or the night streets of your home city.

While predominantly intended for outdoor use, neon signs can be incorporated in a home décor project. Here’s how to bring vintage signs inside your home to achieve a stylistically-exciting décor improvement.

Bare Walls, Vintage Living Room Signs

Vintage neon signage will work really well with industrial or more minimalist living room designs.

If you have exposed bricks or stone on the living room wall, for example, the warmth of the neon light will act as a nice source of contrast.

The living room can benefit from neon signs that feature both letters and symbols. An inspirational quote, a beer mug or even a vintage open neon sign will be a great choice for this part of the house.

You can go for a really large and bold sign on the wall if you don’t have any other decorations. The sign will serve as the living room’s focal point.

Calligraphic Pieces in the Bedroom

The beautiful curves of handwritten letters turn them into an ideal choice for the bedroom.

Look for online neon signs that are either cursive or that feature a handwritten font. Calligraphy is an ideal choice for placement in the bedroom. You can easily install the sign above the bed to modernize the interior and give it some bold appearance.

Vintage neon signs should be executed in soft colors like white and pink if you’d like to place them in the room where you sleep.

Black and Neon

A more sophisticated home décor concept will play with both light and color.

Painting a wall in black is one of the easiest options for making the vintage neon sign pop and stand out. The contrast will be even more visible and the darkness of the wall will make the brightness of the sign look cool and enticing.

A hot pink vintage sign against a backdrop is a great choice for the living room or the kitchen. Don’t install a more subdued sign because it will get lost in the darkness of the paint behind it.

Neon Signs in the Nursery?

Yes, you can use a vintage neon sign to create some unconventional appeal in the room of the youngest family member.

Many vintage neon signs feature inspirational quotes or cute imagery like clouds, stars and hearts.

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The glow of the neon sign can have a calming effect on a restless baby. Such a sign can be placed on the wall or even the ceiling above the crib. If you opt for neon decorations, make sure that the other design elements are more subdued to balance out the brightness.

White on White

The final concept isn’t as bright or bold as the other vintage neon home décor concepts already discussed. In fact, it’s much more unobtrusive and elegant. If you want your interior design elements to whisper instead of scream, you should definitely consider this possibility.

A white neon sign against a white wall will give it a nice glow and some texture. The visual could be a bit more difficult to see but this will be a part of the appeal and intrigue of the choice.

White neon signs on white walls are a good choice for every room in the light. Make sure that the sign is bright and big enough to make an impression.

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