Top Summer Proofing Tips For Your UAE Home

Top Summer Proofing Tips For Your UAE Home

With temperatures increasing and people trying to find shelter in the air-conditioned rooms, it is quite evident that the summer has arrived. Even though some people find it welcoming, the season comes with anxieties of its own.

It may appear that all you need is some air conditioning for keeping you cool through the summer months in UAE. However, there is much more that you can and should do for ensuring that your home remains cool and you save on the electricity bills as well. Let’s find out what options you have.

  • Change The Sheets

It is preferred that you should use sheets made with natural fibers such as linen or cotton as they are breathable and serve to be the natural thermostat for you drawing all the moisture out and cooling things down during hot weather. Lighter colors are also better because they can reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it.

  • Get Rid Of Cloth Curtains

It is a good idea to go for bamboo blinds rather than cloth curtains. They have the capacity to block the heat from outside and can keep your home cooler. But if you don’t want to go for complete makeover, you’d be better off investing in blackout shades. They can be added at your curtains’ back to ensure maximum blockage of light.

  • Replace The Windows

Thin windows should be replaced with the vinyl ones that have double pane, tinted glass. Even though a bit pricey, it will reflect sunlight effectively. Alternately, you can use window tint on the windows you currently have to cut down the costs.

  • Do Not Add Heat Further

With environmental awareness prevailing more than ever today, you should better say good bye to the incandescent bulbs, choosing LEDs instead. Besides producing not-so-environment-friendly carbon emissions, incandescent bulbs produce heat as well and you don’t really want that in summer.

  • Go Green

For those living in villas, outdoor plants would be a great source of that much-needed shade in summers. They can help block sunlight from directly entering the villa. So, it’s better to have full-grown trees in the backyard and get rid of around 70% radiations coming your way to cool down the surroundings. You can also add indoor plants like Aloe Vera, Sansevieria and Weeping Fig as they purify air and keep the space cool as well. If you take a look on the greenest community in Dubai – Al Barari, hasn’t just cultivated a green environment in the desert, but is dedicated to preserving it and sustaining a green lifestyle.

Go Green

  • Seal It Down

Sealing the windows and the doors properly can also help prevent summer heat. Try using weatherproof sealants so that there are no gaps whatsoever to let heat inside.

  • Clean The Air Conditioners

Yes, ACs can be the savior for you against UAE’s heat. So, make sure that they are working efficiently all the time. Clean them out every now and then to ensure they’re well-maintained. Try getting the filters checked every couple of months. And, it is also in your best interest to get your ACs cleaned thoroughly every six months. If you can’t commit to regular cleaning, at least, get it cleaned at the start and end of the season.

  • Get Creative

You can creatively add some water elements to your home and they can play a key part in keeping the surroundings cool. Investing in a small-sized fountain can be a good idea. Or you can go for some other source through which water flows as it can be helpful in humidifying and cooling down the air in the surroundings.

There can be quite a lot of other ideas and options that you can try out for making sure that your home stays away from the scorching heat of summer in UAE. You can even come up with your own ideas or solutions. But until you can do that, go with the top tips above and you’re sure to keep it all cool and pleasant.

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